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Alpha Phi Sigma (APS)

National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Campus Diversity

Campus Diversity provides a vital support system for students of underrepresented groups including but not limited to African American, Latino, American Indian, Asian, and other students of color, GLBT, International, and disabled enrolled at IUK.

Career and Accessibility Center

The IU Kokomo Career and Accessibility Center is an integral part of the educational process. Services are tailored to meet the need of each prospective student, current student, alumni.

Cougar Advocates for Diversity (CAD)

This organization brings together all university diversity-based programs, supports foreign and international educational programs, and promotes unity and understanding among students and cultures cultures.

Cougar Choir

The IU Kokomo Cougar Choir meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:15 pm in the Main Building KO 150. No audition necessary! Several performance opportunities are offered and Concerts are performed at the end of every spring and fall semester!

Criminal Justice Association (CJA)

This club is for students majoring in or who have an interest in criminal justice. Club members promote awareness of and interest in relevant issues, and provide aid to the surrounding community.

Dance Troupe at IU Kokomo

The purpose of the Dance Troupe shall be to encourage the appreciation of, and participation in, the art of dance through academic and social experience.

Drama Club

This group is for those interested in the performing arts at IUK. One does not have to take part in performances, but should have an interest in helping out with the productions in some way. We also do many community outreach events.

Education Student Advisory Council (EdSAC)

The Education Student Advisory Council (EdSAC) is a recognized student organization. Persons interested in elementary and/or early childhood education are encouraged to participate.


Enactus is a not-for-profit campus group comprised of two components: club and class (for credit). Enactus uses an entrepreneurial approach in creating projects to address needs on campus and in the community.

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